General meeting of shareholders

The General Meeting of Shareholders is a superior management body of PJSC TATNEFT that operates in accordance with the legislative regulations of the Russian Federation, the Company's Articles of Association and the Provision on the General Meeting of PJSC TATNEFT’s Shareholders.

The General Meeting may be annual one or it may be an Extraordinary Meeting. The annual Shareholders' Meeting is held every year within two months after and not later than six months after the end of the fiscal year. The annual General Meeting necessarily reviews the issues of electing the Board of Directors members as well as electing members of the Auditing Committee; approval of the Auditor; approval of the annual accounting report; annual financial statements, including profit and loss statement of the Company; profits distribution, including payment (announcement) of dividends as well as losses by the results of the fiscal year.

The Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened at any time following the decision of the Company's Board of Directors, which is taken on the basis of the Board's own initiative; following the demand of the Company's Auditing Committee, the Copany’s Auditor or demand of shareholders (a shareholder) possessing at least ten percent (10%) of the Company's voting shares.

PROVISION on JSC TATNEFT Shareholders’ General Meeting
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