Corporate Secretary

The main objective of the Corporate Secretary’s activities is to ensure that the Company complies with the requirements of corporate legislation and the Company’s internal documents that guarantee the implementation and protection of the rights and legitimate interests of shareholders, and the formation of an effective corporate management system, as well as the development of corporate management practices at the Company providing for the involvement of all participants in corporate relations in order to increase the Company’s ivestment attractiveness.

By the very nature of its activities, the Corporate Secretary enjoys the necessary independence status and is functionally subordinated to the Board of Directors and administratively to the General Director.

The main functions of the Corporate Secretary are:

  • Ensuring the effectiveness of mechanisms for implementation of corporate procedures related to the exercising of the rights of shareholders and other participants in the Company's corporate relations by the Company and the Company’s subsidiaries and affiliates.
  • Ensuring the preparation and holding of General Meetings of shareholders and meetings of the Board of Directors, including drafting of materials for the Board of Directors meetings in accordance with the Company's in-house documents.
  • Ensuring the work of the Company’s Board of Directors committees and coordination of their activities.
  • Ensuring the interaction of the Company with Trades’ Organizers, the Registrar, Depositories ans with government bodies authorized to regulate corporate relations and the securities market, as well as with other professional securities market players, within the framework of the powers assigned to the Corporate Secretary.
  • Ensuring compliance with the requirements for information disclosing, providing documents and information following the shareholders’ requests, monitoring the effectiveness of corporate mechanisms for the information disclosure, ensuring proper maintenance and storage of the Company’s corporate documents.
  • Formation of the information list attributable to the insider information, working with insiders, ensuring control over the insider transactions with the Company’s securities.
  • Ensuring the Company’s interaction with its shareholders and participation in the prevention of corporate conflicts.
  • Control over the Company’s compliance with the requirements of the corporate legislation, the provisions of the Company's internal documents and the rights of the shareholders as it refers to the Corporate Secretary competence, taking the necessary measures to eliminate such violations, and minimize the consequences of such violations.

The Corporate Secretary Office has been established and is functioning at the Company to ensure the Corporate Secretary’s performance.

Corporate Secretary (Acting)

Damir Maratovich Gamirov
Damir Maratovich Gamirov
Deputy Head of the PJSC TATNEFT’s Corporate Secretary
He was born in 1980. He graduated from the Ufa StatePetroleum Technical University specializing in economics and management. He has been working at PJSC TATNEFT since 2003. Since November 6, 2017, he has been in the position of Deputy Head of the Corporate Secretary of PJSC TATNEFT. Acting Corporate Secretary since November 6, 2017.

The share in the authorized capital of the Company % - 0, 000064
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