5 September 2022

TATNEFT Employees Once Again Measured Their Professional Skills

The annual professional skills competition of young workers of the leading professions of the TATNEFT Group and service oil enterprises of the region will be held in Almetyevsk (Republic of Tatarstan).

The start of professional competitions in the most demanded oil specialties will be given after the official part end of the of the Day of Oil and Gas Industry Workers.

The competition will be held for the 52nd time in 2022, and representatives of 21 specialties will participate in it. In eight specialties, the competitions will be held in the absentia format at the production sites of the TATNEFT Group and the territory of the TATNEFT Personnel Training Center.

The competitions will be organized in 13 areas on the Oilman Day: units for oil and gas production; units for maintaining the reservoir pressure; oil treatment shifts; well workover crews; crews for renedial well repair; drilling crews; workers of oil and gas processing and petrochemical complexes; electricians for the repair and installation of overhead lines; locksmiths for the repair and maintenance of fuel dispensers gas stations; gas station operators; cooks; medical workers; horse breeders.

 More than 670 people applied for participation in the competition, while 300 of them reached the finals stage.

Holding the competition in an open and spectacular format popularizes the profession of an oilman, attracts special attention of the younger generation thereto and emphasizes the importance of the oil industry for the economy.

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