9 December 2022

TATNEFT Charitable Foundation Has Presented New Book

Seven (7) new books with a total circulation of 17.5 thousand copies have been published this year under the Rukhiyat program of the TATNEFT Charitable Foundation.

The presentation of new literary works took has taken place at the concert hall of the Almet Public Center with the participation of authors, editors, graphic designers, members of the Union of Writers of the Republic of Tatarstan, students of educational institutions and the creative intelligentsia representatives of the oil region of Tatarstan. The audience has had a chance to get acquainted with each published book in the course of creative presentation made by the actors of the Almetyevsk Drama Theater.

A number of projects have been implemented again this year with the support of TATNEFT aimed at preserving the cultural heritage, popularizing the Tatar language and national culture, the work of educators, writers and poets of Tatarstan, and educating the younger generation. Publishing and editing activities make a significant contribution to the achievement of the Company's sustainable development goals.

More than 255 titles of books have been published with a total circulation of more than 440,000 copies in Tatar, Russian, Chuvash and English Since 1997 under the auspices of the Rukhiyat publishing house.

Traditionally, books published by the foundation are donated to libraries, educational institutions, museums, extended care facilities in Tatarstan, to the Congress of Tatars, the Company’s sanatoriums and recreation centers, as well as to places of compact residence of Tatars in Russia and abroad.

The following books were published in 2022:

Fauzia Soltan (Kazan). Collection of poems "Nigez sagyshy" (in theTatar language).

Khanif Khairullin (village of Sarmanovo). Collection of short stories "Ullarym, sez kayda" (in Tatar language).

Ramziya Gabdulkhakova (Almetyevsk). Collection of short stories and novels "Kyshlar utkach kaityrmyn" (in the Tatar language).

Nurzia Mirzakhova (Nizhnekamsk). Collection of stories for children "Bakhet orlygy" (in the Tatar language).

Ravil Sabirov (Almetyevsk). Fairy tales for children "Ak әbi" (in Tatar language).

Nur Akhmadeyev (Almetyevsk). Collection of poems translated from Tatar into Russian.

Ramil Islamov (Kazan). Collection of poems and bibliography of the Tatar educator, poet and thinker Miftakhetdin Akmulla (1831-1895).

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